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My suggestion's


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Need List

1- Dark Knight slot farm system (Oldtime Enabled) Also oldtime so manny ppl buying DC Premium using DC Flash 100% "item" drop rate now "noah" drop rate lol. Why buying DC Premium?  Really i and i think so manny ppl miss old Apex really i 100% sure. (So good pk DK slot i remember many user's fight and pk in CZ, DK slot "hard" farm i think not easy farm GB because full ks and other base ppl kill in slot. 

2- Before the draki rogue was a nice character, but now it has a very low damage because it is a draki have also cp so failed same hits as the wounds they do not use when used @Aesteris oldtime message me CP lucky same UsKO system yes i like but UsKO have "duration" lol need increase CP lucky + little damage or added duration PUS.

3- To block macro users suggestion to it  added ibexis potion a person play by hand will play more comfortably not other und sc 400 ac just ibexis potion.   DC PREMIUM people to use ibexis potion the item and I'm sure there will be a lot of premium increases. The server NP point is so high that nobody wants to get a PREMIUM

4- Need dark knight item's a tedious server and change is always important people get pleasure from dealing with different things https://apexko.com/character/aesteris Buy DKJ Aesteris :P

5- Warrior descent skill so far away using i testing UsKO or other PvP failed but ApexKO so far using descent need check.

6- All know server 90% warrior 10% other class why? Because warrior server please ingame check pk all character's. Please do not cry under the subject of warrior players You can enter other PvP and UKO servers and play and test warrior.

7- Mage 72 staff good damage but meteor & nova so low damage need increase mage damage mele so easy kill mage's. (They can come back)

8- ApexKO sorry I can not compare KO with a lot of things different it was too late for change but it is not too late to make sensible action :)

9- Usko new server Manes 2 months after the mage's leave game just little mele pk have now. NTTGame company has been aware of this and has reported the MGame and has started a new process on the warrior damage, can follow them on the NTTGame forum. Also SteamKO have +80 not +83 because SteamKO owner i think have "verry brain" :) AOE Eskirima fail here were many user's "all class" not just warrior priest.

10- Have lion sc sundires why not have dex sc? (Added)

11- Usko added new patch firework in sundires NPC enjoy effect (New patch maybe added)

12- I'm forever offline have a nice work :) I just help ingame problem or suggestion


P.S Idea will be constantly updated. English is so bad I wonder how much understand. @root

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