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A little bit about BP

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Well I did some testing with my favourite class: INT BP. I think the changes for INT and 1 handed weapons giving AP is awesome, and I see that you can use dual. Was very needed. Now you can play a full INT priest and be really tanky (in an 8 man party for example), full HP, shield, etc. Then if you wanna go solo or do two man party you can put on some INT armor and use dual hammers and do quite decent damage.


1. With shield, hp armor and smite +8 I do 400 damage on a fully debuffed warrior. 1900 ap.


2. Then smite +8 and holy animor +8 with INT armor 700 damage on a fully debuffed warrior. that's with 3100 AP.


It looks okay, but remember that's with debuff. Without debuff 1. is 250 damage, and 2. is 400 damage. I know it's lower on a warrior... but that is really shit for 3100 ap...If I go full AP like that I have 6000 health. I dunno maybe it's fair enough, priest is meant for support. But no one is gonna bother with a real BP, you can only play an INT priest that uses helis :P

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I was testing chitin bp with hp chitin set, str stats, str accesories, hb+8 and the damage was rlly low. I hope that bps get more balanced with time since im pretty sure that many people who play int priest sometimes want a break as a fully support role.

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