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MAAD city, good kids [KARUS]


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~MAD is recruiting! 17.5-25.5.2015~

There are 3 rules to MAD;

-Go hard in the motherfucking paint, n*gga

-Sharing is Caring

-Dont take too many things seriously.

We are aiming to form a solid PK clan with farming aspects as well. Lets roll out the beta for now. As the server progresses, we will adapt.


If you wish to join please fill in the form;

Favourite class:
USKO/MYKO/PSKO Experience:

Your age:

Time youre likely to play(CET):

English skills:
A fun fact about you:

Got mic?


Then PM MAX, phersicle, xGoldenPars or Deznutz. Thanks!

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Favourite class: Mage
USKO/MYKO/PSKO Experience: Usko played off and on since olympia came out, i've played Xigenon, carnac west, europa, then after merge athena, anatolia, and gordion after 2nd merge.

Your age: 24

Time youre likely to play(CET): I'm too lazy to look up what CET means, but i can pretty much play whenever, the more people to partyw ith the more often ill be online, id say minimum 4 hours a day if theres stuff to do.

English skills: I'm american, so low ;)
A fun fact about you: I have a spiderman and wolverine tattoo

Got mic? yes.


Question about clan : Are you all buying prem? some of you? none of you? lemme know.

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