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MyNameIs ApexKO Beta PK


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No, it's not my internet. I just downloaded it in 1080p and replayed it on my 42" screen. The quality is SHIT.

As I allready said, you probably recorded it in 480p and rendered it in 1080p. This wont work.

Just checked the video of P0LEMIK & the quality is perfect.

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I watched it again in 1080P and I really can't see an issue with it haha idk. It's not 100% crystal clear I guess but its good enough.


Theres a reason I don't record fraps in full size. It eats harddrive space. Quality is a lil better, yea, and also the video you linked had 4k quality.. thats obviously gonna be better. My PC can't handle 4k quality tho lol.

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I tp alot on mage but I think you tp way too much.


Also those people seem pretty dumb, they don't target the mage at all.


If they just did that they could have dropped you easy.


You're thinking wrong. As for dropping me easy, nope. I actually have clips of running circles around them tanking for days just chose to upload these cuz I felt they were the best clips but I mean if it effects you that much I can upload those clips just to show you lol.


Assuming I don't have random priests in my party, or if I have the right 8 man party lineup.

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