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Adding an option to remove wings visually while having the stat bonuses from them.

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The same way you can remove Valkyrie / Gryphon etc. 


Or any other way to atleast remove our own. (Just a visual patch, or having a pair of every wing that gives the same bonuses but you won't actually have a wing on your char, whatever)



Me and a decent amount of our friends [and kinda sure plenty of ppl feeling the same way too] despise the wings kinda hard. I mean honestly, certain wings being like 2-3x the size of your character it is just ridiculous.  Even if not the other's but if we could somewhat get rid of our own wings (while getting the stat bonus, etc from it) it would be appreciated.



EDIT:  My bad, just noticed there is an other topic about it already:  http://forum.apexko.com/topic/495-hidingshowing-cospre-items/

So let's just consider this1 as a bump, would truly be appreciated if we could get rid of those ugly ass wings, ty.

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I agree with both of you two. But, Official you won't see everyone with wings. I mean with Chaos, you might see a lot of the smaller wings and dragon wings. But not nearly as much for the obvious reasons lol. But hey. If that option to hide wings can be done. I can't see why anyone would complain :P.

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