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Yet another d3d9.dll Error


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Hello, sorry to bother with this error but I've tried everything suggested by the other topics related to this matter and yet I can't make the game run.

I'm running an old PC with windows XP service pack 3
Nvidia Geforce FX5200
No antivirus, no firewall.
The DLL file in question is there where it should.

I'm almost convinced it must be related to my hardware because I can play the game just fine from my laptop. So any help is gladly appreciate it.


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Hello, Nath


I'm sorry since you already said it but, are you really sure your anti-virus and firewall are fully disable? Pleace double check it, try to google it to make sure because this is indeed a problem related to firewall deleting this file. After you double check, fully uninstall and reinstall the game. If the issue persists I'll ask an admin, with your permission, to log in TeamViewer with you to try to fix the issue.


Best regards,


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Hello Vilvaldi, thanks for the quick reply.

I tried reinstalling the game as you suggested, but again, no luck.
Yes, my firewall and antivirus are fully disabled.

If it's not too much to ask let's try via TeamViewer because I've tried everything so far with no luck.

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3 minutes ago, Built4CZ said:

did you try and download the dll from the net?

Have you googled this issue?

I did google it and found a forum post of an old game (not sure if I can link here?) stating the problem was due to graphic card drivers, something about Nvidia not using that library or so to run games. But I recently updated my drivers though.

I did download other DLL files from the net, even copied the one from my laptop (where the game runs smoothly) without any success at all.

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