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about skill bar ingame

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As the title say's, i am wondering about how in game   (where you put your skills )

how it has the extra 2 spots so that would be 9 and 10 or  / 0.  my suggestion would be,

if you could find a way to remove them 2 spots, and still keep the ui. i think many players would like/prefer just to have up to   8 skills on it per bar, instead of 10 skills on a bar. witch is very distracting, and feels as it  sorta interrupts some not all of us, and im sure other people in the server.  we still manage with it tho but my suggestion would be if you could remove it, and put it back to where it only had 8 skill's per bar's  thanks guys  for listening.

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I'm not used to it aswell, however prefer it this way, atleast can put some not rly often used stuffs there so i don't have to bother with F7, etc in order to use them. So for me having 9-10 is a good thing actually.

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