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Hey Aesteris & Twostars & community


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Hello mates, it has been a long time since I've been here. Life got in the middle and MMOs require certain type of compromise that I couldn't fulfill but in the last 3 days I've been checking the new updates and giving info out to people interested in the server. 

So, from what I understand now the server is full-pk server with no-farm required, which is good for all those who hated the farm server (I was one of those who actually loved the farm system and actually put a lot of time and effort making my gear, which now is in my inn due to obvious reasons).

I see that you can rent +2 jeweldry, +8 armor and +9 weapons. That certainly helps newcomers who just want to enter to CZ. Also, I noticed that high level mobs (not mares tho) drop +6 - +8 high class weapons and trial armors in case someone wants to farm. I spent a good chunk of my time soloing balogs and booros. (Just me or balogs' damage got insanely high? I could solo them before without healing that much) and collecting stuff and checking anvil rates. I couldn't make any Mean leonar +7 but at least I had some fun.

Anyway, despite of my 3 days experience back in server I noticed that most of the time it was kinda empty. Not many people in many areas or people just to chat while I was doing something else. Even with rentals and stuff not many people in CZ map all the time which made me think that maybe the problem isn't in the server itself but in the gameplay.

I'll explain further: when I decided to leave server, pk was pretty much a combination of Isi fight in the bowl and farming raids. You couldn't farm in peace because you were attacked all the time. I guess that pretty much scared away a lot of people, I bet. But more or less those were the dynamics. When I came the other day, most fight was in the bowl but most people didn't stay for long. So I guess this map/pk style is kinda obsolete after so much time so my suggestion would it be, what can we do to improve PK? I mean, now this is a pk server so the pk needs to be the focus but just running to bowl, kill 2-3 people, they quit or go somewhere else, repeat isn't that fun anymore. For people doing the same over 2-3 months for sure isn't that fun. Also, there isn't much challenge to gangbang 1 guy running with a 2 priest party. I think PK needs a tweak or two. Something original. Something that brings back people that the only challenge they find nowadays is to start all over again and pk with shitty gear in other servers.      

I'm not talking about the classes or skills, I'm talking about the map objectives or pk objectives in CZ. Events are one thing, but CZ is pretty much the "PK zone" and I think it needs to be revamped in some way.

Regards for such great effort to keep this server alive.


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Welcome back Wrecking Crew hopefully haha. I think maybe we can alternate the cz map every week. Or twice a month. 

Like 1 week. It's cz map. Next ardream map. Then RLB map. Or however it's seen fit. On other servers this seems to have went over well. Offering a change of scenery to invite more to pk. Some people just like a different place to explore and pk. 

Also. People in apex are dicks (myself included). If you're farming genie on shadow seeker. You're gonna get killed. Don't afk to farm in a pk zone. If you are at the pc and fight back. That's different. But passing up free genie nps while finding the mini bosses. Is Ludacris. You can't afk in a pk zone and expect to live 

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