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Meat dumplings.


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I think it would be cool to make meat dumplings worth something. Like you can trade a certain amount to npc for a certain accessory at +3 armor or weapon at +8. I.believe this could be a great thing for a few reasons.

1. It's a a sacrifice. You use them to gain extra NP. So if you trade them in you get less NP but you get a nice item. Then you must build them up again.. which leads to next point. 

2.  Promotes Pk. They increase pk if you do this. People want more np. The way to get more NP is meat dumplings. The only way to get meat dumplings is PK.

3. It's another way to gear your character. It will add a different element to obtaining your items. 

Your suggestions welcome. Thanks 

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13 hours ago, kurtis said:

Maybe even make the monsters in the bowl drop them aswell. 

I think they should only be for killing another player. That way it emphasizes PK. Not be able to be sold or merchant. Can't trade. Literal only way is to kill another player. I think 500-700 meat dumpling for +7/+2 and 1.5k for +8/+3  is a great amount. The cz quest for 5 days free cospre is 2.5k kills. So if it takes you 1-2 weeks to get that. I don't think 1-2 week of pk is bad for 2x +3 items or 2x +8 

Edit: keep in mind if you are saving your meats for a +8 weapon. You're gaining less NP while saving the meat dumplings. So this becomes a risk vs reward mindset. See point #1/#2

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First of all, we aprreciate you suggestion, @BulletClub, but there're a couple of issues with it that it'll prevent us from implementing it.


First and main one being that this will favor even more the big party formations and clans and also the veteran players, which is something that always needs to be avoided. This reason alone would be enough to not implement such feature but also, meat dumplings are really easy to acquire and stock so the part that you said that the "trade in" for this would be receiving less NPs won't really happen.

The good news is that we're working on a couple of manual events to host that will increase both farming and PK activity, we're just waiting for some final touches on the dev side of it to bring them in properly.


Best regards,


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