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How to setup your Genie and make it work.

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Step 1. Spirit of Genie' must be in your inventory



Step 2. there's the 'Knight Genie' in-game top right of your screen. 

press the down arrow on that menu, and you will see a window appear. 



Step 3.  Go to your 'Attack' tab,

Check 'Attack mode' to ON, you don't need the 'Recovery mode' checked on unless your priest.

Under 'Skills Register' you can add the attacks you wanna cast. To add attacks you open 'K' and you drag your attack from the spell book to the 'Attack' row. 'Attack range' should be set to 40 Meters for archers and about 20 Meters to 25 Meters for warriors and sins and mages. but you can adjust at your own liking. 

Range of activities' should be set to 0 Meters for archers,  (This is for melee attacks), if you want your character to be able to target enemy's within 10 Meters you set it to 10 Meters and so on..
Set 'Use recovery skill at %% (you & party)' to 0%. (This mode is for Priests only)


For priest  Recovery  tab is where you put your healing spells .

Set 'Use recovery skill at %% (you & party)' to 70 to 75 % it will heal your party member at that % of health that they are at. but whatever you want really is fine. 

duffs in attack. range of activities  should be set to about 5 to 8 Meters adjust at your own liking attack range (This is for melee attacks) so if your a bp 20 to 25 meters int  0 Meters. adjust at your own liking.


Step 4.

Go to the 'Recovery' tab.
Check 'HP Recovery' ON, add your HP pot from your inventory by drag and drop it in the little box and set the 'at % consume potion automatically' meter to 50% or higher up to you. 


'Pet Recovery' does the same thing as the HP pot thing but it gives your pet food at a set percentage.

Check the 'MP Recovery' ON, add your MP pot from your inventory by drag and drop it in the little box and set the 'at % consume potion automatically' meter to 25-35%. or whatever you  wish.


Step 5.  Go to the 'Support'.

Check the 'Set the automatic use of 2nd skill' ON.
Under 'Set skills to be applied' you add the spells you want to give to yourself and your party.
an example (Swift ) with Party checked it will swift you and all your party.

Strength of (Wolf )with Party unchecked everyone will get it still. 


why the party box checked and unchecked is because Wolf gives the whole party the buff when its used  on myself so I don't have to target everyone in the party to give them it. Swift is a individual spell so I have to target everyone in the party and give them Swift being checked.and whole party gets the buff. same goes for priest buff skills. 



Step 6. Go to 'Other' tab.
This is personal settings, which suits your playing style best


Step 7. Be sure to: disable/block  trade requests. people may spam you with trade requests, and then your Genie stops and you might die if your afk from the computer.. and if your solo block trade and party requests it too will stop genie, and you might die. 


i hope this helps ApexKO players enjoy. :)


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Why? This is made in Apex and not copied from nttgame forums  -_-

exactly. i changed most of the words myself and added my own screenshots yes i see no point  to give them credits 

i made it look more decent. and better explained. 


and 2 i am not going to advertise (that server lmfao) 

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