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PK symbol rewards.

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Didn't rly pk at the beta, so don't really have symbols, but i assume they are giving the same reward as they do on every server. (Max 1m coin everyday if you are having a dragon symbol.    [Can go up to 2m if you own, both dragon monthly and overall -----> 60m per month at it's best.])



If that's the case, then it's ridiculously low imo. Pretty surely i won't go nolifing / pk whoring at the official, so it isn't rly affecting me, but guess it would be good to see actually useful rewards for them.


Duplicating them by 10x wouldn't hurt imo (or even only 5x). It would make it 600m at the very max per month if you own both NP and Monthly dragon symbol which is fair enough.



Maybe not from the beginning if you think it'd be too much during the first weeks, but later on pretty sure even 600m / month wouldn't really be a big deal. Can also be duplicated by another number, 10 was just an example, guess you've got the point already.




PS.: If the symbol rewarding system is different already, then my bad, as you could see in previous topics, i'm not up to date with the latest USKO server versions yet.

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