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UTC, dark knight weapon dark knight armor


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darkness weapons should never be added to apex. if one warrior gets the darkness spear and does aoes with proc

he can solo kill 7 mages by himself the spear proc doubts dmg done.... dark mace spam 1k dmg as priest  darkness weps are to OP for apex..

UTC yes I agree that should be released but never darkness

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Darkness could be fine if like 1 people in the entire server gets it.

Really hard to craft, really low success rate, exclusive anvil rates (+4 is like 50% and worse from there onwards), etc. The people that have nothing else to farm will go for it, it would also be a good money sink and a decent carrot on a stick to chase for hardcore players.

They have the potential to ruin a server if left alone, but if treated like this, it could help a lot the overall activity.

Of course expect the laziest implementation ever if they come so disregard any of this nonsensical wishful thinking.

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