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Just a suggestion for server


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Maybe do a Vote Point Store to vote For Apexko and receive Vote Points them vote points can then later be used to get  rewards for in game  after you saved up enough of the points and also by voting for server will attract more players :) Just a suggestion if your going to hate on this idea and me don't reply ty as hate posts will be ignored :) <3

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15 minutes ago, BulletClub said:

Voting pages are dumb really. You go to one of those pages and the top server is a 1299 server GhostTownKO with 4 players. Nobody pays attention to those vote sites. 

*quote lilorc6* vote system does help. Rather twoey wants it or not that's up to him.If he feels like there is no need to then thats up to him. But saying it is completely useless is stupid. There's players who check vote sites all the time. For him to not have it he has to have a valid reasoning. It's 2017 yet people still open 1298 servers, so lol.

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41 minutes ago, WHATISDRUGS said:

Need new server server so old usko opening 6 month after new server lol

Have online taiwan and chinese ppl so boring pk z skill :D Need little farm apex again no starter suck kurian"full starter problem" warrior and kurian ko lol

welcome to server 

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