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Fixing invisibility potion abuse

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Make the potion cost 10m, and add a silver bar to the quest rewards (there are 2 cz quests that use this potion).




1. Why does this need fixing? Is it bugged? I'm new to KO.

People are taking the quest, purchasing it for 1 mill coins to the NPC, then cancelling it and retaking it again ad nauseum. 1 mill is nothing on apex so they do it endlessly.

2. But why would they do that?

To gain stealth on classes that are not intended to use it and PVP with it. The potion exists so that non-stealth classes could invade the enemy town and complete a quest, that's it.

3. It's just stealth, how gamebreaking can that be?

How does a stealth kurian sound? Or how about a fully stealth mage party? The potion was not created to be used in pvp.

4. I've seen videos of people doing this in official KO, how come that's okay?

The 1 mill coin payment adds up in an official server. I'm not saying completely delete this "strategy", just make it less accessible so that if some kurians want to buy 10-20 invis pots per pk session, they have to pay the price.


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