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I suggest that we make a scheduled time for war every week. Preferably on a day where most people have off from work, and they can come on and play. (Sunday mornings? evening? noon?)

I know its usual to have the war during peak hours, however if you can make it a scheduled time it'll force traffic onto the server at that time. 

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We do indeed intend to have the events on a fixed schedule; for the purpose of the initial beta (not the PvP one) we felt like we needed to make sure the events are working properly prior to scheduling them.


For our PvP beta, you'll (in all likelihood) see all events scheduled! :)

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I remember in USKO there was a war at 5am, 11am and then 8pm my time. Only on certain days every week though.


Then daylight savings kicked in and those times became 4am, 10am and 7pm... waking up for the 4am one was painful every time, but that's a devoted KO player for you.


Naturally there will also be schedule here :P

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