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personal quest


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Would people agree that it would be cool to make the personal wep quest a weekly quest :D if thats possible to do.


edit: I only say this cause I assume the top tier weps will take some time to get and be upgraded etc, and the personal weps are one step up from normal high class weps and if its weekly quest people will have a chance after a month or so to make em +7 and up :D

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lol, i don't like this idea that much, idk they're better then high class weapons


also they aren't that hard to farm, those raptors and shards or mirage daggers etc...

idk you have 2 and u gotta be lucky :P else every1 will be just running with those weapons instead of shards or raptors etc

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The whole idea of the personal weps are that they are rare and uniq to have,u can get one at lvl 70 and at lvl 80 plus if u NT u should be able to re do the quest on the oposite side so thats 4,more then enough.

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