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Class Transfers


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Transferring your character's class


1. Purchase the "Class Transfer Certificate" from the Power-Up Store.





2. Take the "Class Transfer Certificate" to [Grand Merchant] Kaishan in Moradon.

Make sure you remove all equipped items first (including your cospre items), then ask to "Class Transfer".




4. Select your desired new class.

Note: Your existing class won't be shown for your convenience.





5. Customise your gender (if applicable), and click "Confirm" to complete the request.

As with Nation Transfers, you don't need to set the face/hair types (the client bugs out).

You will be prompted to set these when you log back into your character.





6. Log back into the game, and you'll observe your character's Class Transfer has been completed.

If applicable, you'll be prompted to choose your character's face/hair types when selecting your character.




Have fun!

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do they keep their skills aswell?

For when/if they transfer back to that class, yes. They'll need to complete the appropriate skill quests for their new class, however.



i can not get it to work. I get the letter from pus but there is no item in it

Re-apply 2.046. It sounds like you're either running this as 2.045, or only partially updated to 2.046. Either way, you need 2.046 for this.

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