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[Suggestion] Ingame Auction/Shop NPC

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Hey there!


As many of you may know, in other games (such as WoW i.e), there are NPCs to sell items w/o having to stay online.

Imo it's a waste of time + energy. Having a PC running all night/day consumes alot of energy and it's not very economic.


My suggestion is to make a offline shop/auction system to sell items. 

It doesn't have to be ingame, as I can think of it'd be hard to integrate. 

I'm not sure but I think I've seen a web-based system on any PSKO-Server years ago.

Also I think it'd be easier to be done. 


Tell me what you guys think about it! 



Edit: If there'd be a web-based market interface, a option to trade items would be nice.

i.e.: Sell/Trade-> Iron Impact +7 XXX Coins or trade for Raptor +7.

If someone got a Raptor +7 it'd be traded over the web-system and both get their new item via letter.

Also, items should be removed from inventory and transfered into the database for the web-market. 

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Not exactly the same, but an auction house it's a path in the right direction. Long time ago Mgame was thinking about including one because it's easier for players but they decided not to because that would make people go offline reducing player capacity in the server allowing non-premium players access to server. So basically it was a greedy move. They prefer more lag due player afk in moradon than giving access to non-premium users. Most populars servers have like 80% of its population afk in moradon selling, giving the impression that a lot of action is going on, but when you enter CZ you see probably 10-15 people there. 


I like the way KO handles merchant because if you want to sell something you have to stay there but I'm all for saving electricity or being able to log off to do something else than having to alt tab getting my CPU and RAM working because I have a game loaded. 


+1 for auction house or at least being able to bid / offer for certain items excluding player conversation which sometimes lead to scamming or not understanding at all. 

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If you wanna play wow go play wow, if you wanna play ko go play ko. I'll never understand why everyone want all their games to be exactly the same.

Auction house isn't a 'wow' thing. Every mmo has one nowadays.


Do not look for uniqueness in mediocrity. Yes KO is different, but the whole /merchant system isn't exactly a grand feature on its own.

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Fun fact: KRKO introduced one, somewhat, briefly. As far as I know you were still required to be in-game, but you at least didn't need to sit around in Moradon.


which probably used the game features...


how about doing in this way


Seller (Must have the item)

Puts it up for sale at certain price or whatever. (Gets deleted from his inventory after its put up).

logs off freely.

Buyer > Opens NPC buys item server gives him one.


(in case the seller wanted to reprice he could do it without taking out the item).

(in case the seller no longer wants to sell, then the server would give him the item, just like as it would have given the Buyer except no money is involved.)


i think this is extremely do-able even via the website. it just needs alot of work though.


I think the idea shouldn't be limited to in-game, but on web as well.


it will add the feature of "Shop on the go".


in game money can be transferred in say a new table called Bank account, where you can have more than 2.1gbs and you have to transfer money to there to actually buy from that market. (im saying this because its easier to not complicate or have the limitations of the money on the character or the inn hostess).


i've always wanted to see this idea implemented in this way cause in my own eyes it just seems perfect.

with days even merchant can be gone, hell if that system starts working, disable merchanting. lol

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