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About HP Scroll's heal (& parasite)

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The suggestion itself is:


-Don't let HP scrolls (Same for far Buffs since it can be abused aswell, tho no idea atm if far buffs heal you too [didn't get a chance yet to test it with a buffer priest but will take a look later], e.g from 5000 / 5000 hp after far undy u gonna be on 8000/5000 HP, or 8000 / 8000.  ///// don't know either yet if from 5000 / 4500 you are going for 8000 / 7500 or 8000 / 4500) heal you, only if you are on full HP.     ----->   Instead of going from 5000 / 4500 to 7000 / 6500 with putting 2k sc on, it should become 7000 / 4500 imo. Guess it was more than enough to let u know what i mean.





1.: (-Atm HP scrolls are abuseable (i know cooldown on them is coming with the next patch and it's good), but they ll be able to abuse them after that aswell if they gonna use 2k, then delete it, use 1500, delete, then 500. Tho it's nowhere near as serious as spammable 2k or 1500 scrolls, as well as it might be a threat here with infinite KC, but people most likely won't be able to afford such a bug abuse at the official i assume. Tho maybe some would try therefore mentioned this1 too)


2.: Idk, i always felt like it's kinda retarded while i'm, or anybody on sc trying to escape, being on low hp, like 500 to 2k only, and receiving a parasite, not only that it help me by lowering my max hp so i can maybe reach 50% and town, but if i cure myself, gonna be healed by 2000, or 1500 depends on which SC is on obviously (Which is ALOT considering that other than warriors and int priests 2000 HP will be like 50% hp for plenty of people for quite a while). Another parasite + cure combo, is another heal and so on.  Sure Scrolls cost KC and people with scrolls should have benefits, but imo having our SCed max hp and 300-350 AC boost on right after curing w/o having to rebuff is more than enough advantage, this 2k healing is kinda silly. Would also help to take out people by big parties (with priests spamming party cure nonstop kinda parties), cuz w/o this, parasite in that case against a party with party curers is nearly rendered to useless.



Personally i see only benifits if it would happen, but it's up to you to decide, cheers.




PS.: I don't rly care either way, feel free to say anything. Most of you ll disagree most likely since it heals at USKO too, but imo SC pk was funnier on servers where a parasite follwed by a cure wasn't healing you. 

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That was included aswell in the 1st comment, that's the reason why that part is in a bracket. The suggestion is not mainly concerned about that abuse but rather the pk itself which imo would be better that way, i truly dislike that paraiste + cure drops a 2k heal on ya everytime. But as i said it's up to them to decide, from now on after reading it.

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We originally intentionally designed HP scrolls to not behave this way, but the overwhelming majority in alpha wanted this changed as it came across as a bug (think there was more to it, but Lapis can weigh in on that since he'll remember).

Honestly, the only way I can think of to address this is to just revert it back to how we originally had it, i.e. just have the scroll increase the max HP, but in no way affect your current HP (an exception can be made for when your HP is full though, or we otherwise detect that they're out of combat I suppose).

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It's not just the low hp parasite, but overall it's kinda retarded imo to parasite some1 on sc, cure and voila like nothing happend, you are on basicly max hp again due to the 2k heal you get everytime.  The PK was better aswell on servers where scrolls weren't healing you unless you were on full hp and it also prevented every possible hp sc abuse. Plus you could take out people easier from retarded 3-4++ priest parties spamming party cures too.


But whatever let it be either way, i won't rly care, however the suggested 1 would certainly help to speed up the pk abit.

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I honestly don't remember lol. I think at one point I also supported HP scrolls not giving you HP... but it makes more sense this way (restoring HP on reactivation).


Random thoughts:

-If a priest parasites someone low on hp, he's bad at this game. Even on buffs that's a free /town.

-2000 HP scrolls won't be cheap.

-Using 2000 1500 1000 500 hp scrolls as a way of healing? Creative, but it seems easier said than done. Having to use an HP scroll bar with no access to the rest of your skills, while you furiously right click the place where your new scroll is about to appear (in order to cancel it so you can activate the next one, risking cancelling the other AC / wolf scrolls) while being under pressure and at low HP doesn't seem like a good or economic survival strategy. Not to mention how the whole process can take up to 3 seconds of you being helpless and unable to attack back.

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It would be kinda lame if

the whole process can take up to 3 seconds of you being helpless and unable to attack back


Personally never used it, but i bet i could reuse HP scrolls [wouldn't do all, 2k, 1,5k,1k...... at once, just 1-1 at a time] just fine while continously attacking, max missing some minor, but would do it on lower mana so that wouldn't matter. And that's with sin, (legally, the oldschool way) 1 of the hardest (if not the hardest) class to pull it off.  If you even add into the account that nowadays nearly all of the lammies playing with macro or some kinda program with similar effect it's childplay to do it with those conditions.   But anyway as i said previously, i agree this is not rly a threat since scrolls won't be free.



However i still dislike the fact of being parasited ---> cure yourself ---> being on basicly max hp right away w/o healing.    Would prefer if you'd stay on your parasited hp even after a cure to make it easier to take down people from big gangs with party cure spamm but well guess will have to deal with it.

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