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they make rogues too OP no other class has a wep that the iron set and shield cant defend against.....


i think they should be taken out...




if you dont believe me...set up a rogue with a weaponbreaker 9 set lvl 83



give a priest gabs 7 and jewels +0 iron set and all...



watch the hp when the sin uses CP +skills....

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reason i said +9s is because u can buy them from npc (so easy to make)


gabs isnt...


actually dont even give the priest the gabs or iron set...may as well do WP and some old belt...


thats the only thing i find crappy about this server is the jamadars

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its not OP, firsly you arent gonna make it +9 anytime soon, because the upgrade rates are pretty high, actually WB+9 will be probably more expensive than shard+9. secondly, antideffs have doubled effect if you have dual weapons, so if you have iron set and gabs rogues with dual daggers are basically doing no damage to you. Also jamadars are part of the game, they are pretty balanced with their lowered AP, if you dont count moonlight ofc. (which, as you said isnt going to be in the beginning, and when it comes, shields come too, so just stop crying and man up)

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jamadars in moradon arms merchant or luf or el, you can buy the top jamadar make it +7, +8 and you'll be the biggest thing in PK until Moonlite comes so PK will be gong until that begins, If you guys really do not want to listen to the people who are trying to help, This is just gonna be about USKO and no one will play.

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I'm open to accepting jamadar is OP at the beginning when people don't have much DD... but what about when everyone stacks iron set, dread shield, dd cap... not so much. Other class don't get a weapon like this (warrior get's dual weaps but no one (whos not dumb) uses this, and not many have spear armors).

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