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Nation Transfer and Clan Transfer


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Nation Transfer process has been thoroughly simplified in ApexKO. These are the steps to do it.

Single Player Nation Transfer:

1. Purchase the certificate from the Power Up Store at 149 Apex Points (KC).



2. Go to the [Grand Merchant] Kaishan NPC in Moradon and select the following option:



3. Follow the steps and complete the process. Once done, the game will ask you on your next login to choose your hair color and facial features.


Clan Nation Transfer:

1. Talk to the [Event] Goddess Adelia NPC in Moradon.


2. Follow the steps, and pay the sum of,0 noah (10 gbs).

3. Relog, and the process will be complete. Note: Some side-characters might not be immediately transferred, give it a couple minutes.


Have fun in game.



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