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"Socializing time" you replied to me within 1 minute I made that post. You're the one literally CRYING about raids because you're farming 24/7 on god knows how many alt accounts. Stop pretending your life doesn't revolve around this little server you stupid cunt lol.

I said, tell me what's your username and I'm still waiting. What's up bro are you scared of putting your ID out there for everyone to see?

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yes, i m just farming. i dont intend to spend money on games. i can farming well while i m afk, dont you like it? i have no main character, anyone doesnt know me so there is a no problem for say it. of course i wont tell you my all farm character's name. i replied to you a day later but you cried. because you thought i m scared.

you should understand it, i have no time for crying on forums all day like you. okay? and still i didnt take a versus info. or are u afraid? i dont think so. you can run from arena easly.

also my life doesn't revolve around this little server. i m not crying on forums all day nor creating hundreds of trash topic like you. you are wondering whether all day mage's bla bla skills are working well. you are wasting all your time on forums, ruining people's topics and i dont see someone who took you seriously. anyway kiddo, dont forget to make toilet.

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