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About a command that should be enabled

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Normally, the only way to escape is to use hera transforms such as Hera Transform. This item transforms your character to look like NPC and even if u die, u always view.

And ur suggesting is other option.

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6 hours ago, Chayni said:

or just remove it so ppl don't have acces to commands?

they don't wanna wait for respawn cd(the blinking thingy)? remove it

There's a huge difference in removing the blinking and allowing them to manually do so.

Enabling the command to be used as such is opt-in. If in the situation they don't need the protection it offers and want to get right back into the action, they are free to do so. If on the other hand they do (because they're being killed at spawn, for example), removing the protection entirely makes the entire experience even more frustrating than it already is; there's nothing those respawning can then do about it. They have no window to get away.

So disabling it entirely is certainly out of the question. Right now I don't think we'll be reworking the command to behave like that, either, but I'm on the fence about it... so like I said in my previous post, we'll see.

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