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I always thought in my KO life, that being lvl 70+ was for premium users only, and that has never been resolved.


I mean, once you hit lvl 70+, where do you get any quest that is not only giving 2M xp for killing 250 of a monster? Is there any eay for you to create some quest that would not make lvling to lvl 80 (not 83) a nightmare? As ronnen said, most of us arr casual players now, and i think having more quests would make ppm create parties to do them, and this would make a better KO than what i have seen in the pas years (usko and private server)

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there are already plenty of more quest in eslant that give like 40 mil each, which u can repeat twice aswell, other quest that gives 70-80mil exp....


and 3-4 full pages of quests, it's not like 5 years ago where it was only TB, TC and balog quest... there are plenty more atm

also they will be holding events which will help to level

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