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Making human clan for farm purpose

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As title say since humans dont really cares about having active pk, i will make one human clan for farm purpose for boss events,warrs, and bigg bosses(felankor,isilon,ultima) ! 

What are we going to make ? Simple ! 

We will make every day depends on time zone ultima from bifrost and when warr days also ultima from warr,isilon and felankor from colony zone! I will do my best do record kill and respawn times ! Btw there will be a clan bank and everythinq will be recorded and splited acording to activity! Can also add a TS if this will work ! Bte only trusted and well knowed people can join... because dont wanna add alts of these atross/riotes killers .. Let them have them :P

Reply here or pm me here or In-game ... 

Why should we lett humans have easy nps and uper gears ? letts show them we can compete against them ! 

Btw i would like to be mages/sins,a few warriors and 2-3 priests alts clan... This wont be a pk clan ! 

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