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i am wonderful!


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ok, so last night while i was trying to sleep, i was thinking; is there going to be any way i can get free Apex points. This made me think about 1 thing that barely get used properly in any private server i have seen so far.


In every PK zones, in  other private servers, you manage to get 1 gem of bravery and most of the time yout cannot do anything with it, rest of the time you can turn in for in-game items. My idea would be to implement a system in which you get 1 apex point for every kill you get in game.

For those who think that it would encourage NPT, i don't think so, since we have active GMs and community would be more than looking into finding hackers, so they don't get any apex point easy, and it would greatly encourage ppl into pking, and not waiting for lvl 83 to go into pk zones.


Let me know what you think, it would be a great idea for free to play players to keep close to pay to play.



By the way, it would mostly encourage people reselling items in-game too, so economy would stay great all the time server will be alive (which is forever :) )

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