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Boat map.

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This map is kinda fun but needs work imo.

First off, the abusable spawns. It needs some sort of hard-limit coded on how far you can climb or move into enemy spawn at all. Instant dc or one of the perma rubberband rollbacks that apex is known to have when dropping downhill would suffice to limit access into spawns. Or perhaps an actual safe-zone implemented so that you're immune above the hill by your spawn (nobody would abuse if they couldn't kill anyone).

Next, the monument phase. It's quite fun and competitive to organize and capture monuments with a strategy of sorts going on. The problem is that it starts at the 15 min mark! I don't remember this from official, but even if I'm wrong, can it be dropped to the 5 or 10 minute mark?

Third, the monument phase is supposed to have some sort of scoring system that depends on overall capture progress (this war is not defined by kills). Example: Each monument (there are 7 total) you hold gives you 0.1 points per second as long as you have it captured, and when the score tally comes up, each nation has a total come up as a "#### Notice:". By the end that nation that has more points, win (or if a nation captured all 7 monuments at one point, it ends immediately and said nation wins, regardless of score, kills or warders).

das all.

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