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Juraid shenanigans

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1. Increase Deva Bird HP once more?

From my personal experience, skirmishes at Deva are more common now that the classic "ATACK DEVA IGNORE HUMANLAR" strat doesn't work anymore (due to the winner being decided by last hit and not overall damage). Deva still dies too quickly though, which becomes a problem 'cuz even if you choose to engage, the enemy nation can still tank long enough to brute force kill deva despite being under attack.


2. Add an exit NPC at the last room, right beside Inn and Sundries.

This is just for convenience. If you can't win, and you want to leave, and enemies are stalling on purpose hoping to get more free nps off you, the only choice you have is either run aaaaaall the way back to the beginning and talk to the judge (/town will teleport you to the last corridor before deva), or AFK yourself right there and then because if you ALT F4 you will still spawn inside Juraid (and I don't think that feature should go).

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I dont agree with 1) because if youre not fast enough in the three rooms, the bird is indeed killed. If youre fast you het rewarded with pvp or the deva bird kill... i see it as a punishment (for being slow) or being rewarded (for being fast).

What youre trying to say is you want 100% pk in juraid...

For me juraid is the fastest event, so i want it to stay fast. Instead of pkin 30min juraid without a winner...

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Well it's been nothing more than pk for me the last 7 juraids or so. Idk if my team is mentally slow or humans suddenly figured out the max dps builds for juraid speedrunning lol.

Guess I gotta dust off my priest. Too many trash support priests who can't even torment immobile targets.


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