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New csw system


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Clan Deathmatch Update

With the upcoming update, there will be two rounds for CSW; Deathmatch and Castellan War

Registration clan limit for Deathmatch is 30 clans and the ones that will be ranked among the top 3 will have right to fight for Castellan War. Clan that capture the crystal when the war ends will be the owner of Castellan castle.

Deathmatch: Registration
- Only clan leaders can register.
- Any clans above Elite Knightage (Accredited Knights) Grade 5 can register and registration fee is 100,000,000 Noah.
- Registration is limited to the first 30 clans who sign up. 
- Registration period starts from [End of the Castle Siege War] to [2 hour before Clan Deathmatch]

NPC [CSW Manager] Aaron (Moradon 803, 608)


-If there is no clan registered to Clan Deathmatch, CSW will not take place in that related week. If there is only one clan registered to Clan Deathmatch, this clan will be moved to Delos and CSW will begin directly.
-Even if Clan Deathmatch ends early, CSW will begin in time.
-Players can see the participant clan list from NPC [CSW Manager] Aaron
-Only 16 players can participate in behalf of each clan.
-First 16 players who teleport to the Delos during the preparation period will participate in Clan Deathmatch.

Preparation Period: 10 minutes
-Each clan must teleport to Delos during preparation period.
-During preparation period, players can use buff to their clan members.
-During preparation period, players can not attack each other.

Deploying Barracks
- Each clan can deploy one barrack in anywhere they want within the designated area. This area can be checked from minimap (N).
- Barracks can be deployed by clan leader or vice commanders.
- You can deploy your barrack by using "/base" command.
- Lower Left [323, 360], Lower Right [711, 360], Upper Left [323, 615], Upper Right [711, 615] are the corner coordination of designated area.


-You cannot deploy your barrack near the objects.
-System message will notify players 5min, 3min, 1min before Clan Deathmatch begins.

What are Barracks?
- Barracks can be deployed by Clan Commander or Vice Commander using "/base" command
- Barracks takes damage only from basic attack
- Archers needs to use dagger to deal damage to Barracks.
- Each basic attack deals 1 damage to Barrack and when Barrack’s HP reach 0, it destroys


When Barrack is destroyed;
If clan’s barrack gets destroyed, clan members are sent to Moradon
- Clan who destroys the barrack gets 1 barrack point on “Barracks” tab.
- Characters who destroy barrack gets Nation Points.


When Player is Dead
- Player will be respawned at his/her barrack

Nation Point
- Killing enemies grants same amount of NP as of in Ronarkland
- When killed by enemies, player loses same amount of NP as in Ronarkland

Condition to Win
- Clan Deathmatch lasts 30 minutes
- Number of destroyed barracks will determine the winner
- If the number of destroyed barracks are same in each side, winner is selected based on the number of kills
- If the number of destroyed barracks and kills are same, clan who registered to Clan Deathmatch first wins

Deathmatch Rewards
1st – New Cape Voucher (7 Days) / Siege War Reward Chest
2nd - New Cape Voucher (7 Days) / Siege War Reward Chest
3rd - Siege War Reward Chest
4th - Siege War Reward Chest
5th - Siege War Reward Chest

  • Rewards (Siege War Reward Chest?) will be sent via in-game mail to ranked clans 
  • New Cape Voucher (7 days) will be directly sent to clan commander’s mailbox
  • If allied clan wins the New Cape Voucher (7 days) it will also be directly sent to commander of main clan
  • Players who exit the game during the Clan Deathmatch cannot receive the reward
  • Rewards can be exchanged from NPC [CSW Manager] Aaron in Moradon.

List of Items from Siege War Reward Chest

  • Ibexs Potion
  • Crisis Potion
  • VIP Vault (7 Days)
  • Monster Stone
  • Hellfire Dragon Wings (1 Day)
  • WAR Premium (1 Day)
  • Magic Bag Voucher (7 Days)
  • Duration Item
  • Magic Hammer

- Killing enemy nation character gains NP ladder
-"/town" command will teleport you to the barrack
-If one of clan members gets disconnected, other clan member can take his place
-During Clan Deathmatch and CSW, clans can not communicate with each other
-Castellan clan needs to wait in Moradon until Clan Deathmatch is over and once it is over, clan can move to Delos
-Once Clan Deathmatch starts, if the players in Delos and Abyss Dungeons want to leave, they will be automatically moved to Moradon.

You can find more details about CSW Deathmatch by clicking here; CSW Deathmatch 
To post your thoughts about CSW Deathmatch, click here; Share Your Thoughts&Experiences 

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