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Orcs need a reinforce!


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As title say idk if people noticed or not(or them noticed but ignores it),Humans recently have 2x more active people then orcs ! 

Idk if u people likes it or not,but that hapens 80% of day even on events ! 

Also humans have like 5x more priests and mages ! Do like 4 days its nearly imposible do find a priest for PK... 

The only time of day when there are still a few orcs its during near midnight ... 

Ofc NP farmers,riot/atross killers havent noticed that because them wanna easy nps without fight ... 

Almost all day long there its 2-3 humans pt,and orcs hardly form 1 ... And when them form one,humans gang them with 2-3 partys ... 

Call me noob or what ever ... If u like it that way,then Np... But remember that if thinqs wont be changed,soon u wont have with who do fight ... People will quit/give up... Like some people already did .. 

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