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HighAceZ clan recruitments!


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wuddup peeps, we've been on apex beta since the beginning so far! So here how it goes to make the recruitments...

Nation : Orc

Application :
- In-game name :
- Class :
- Country :
- Got skype :
- Got mic :
- How long have you been playing KO :
- Activity : From x to x hours a day

Lead team :
- BooMiTsTwisty (Leader)
- OnlyOver (Assist)
- Scarlet (Assist)
- Reborn (Assist)

A bit about us...
We've all been in usko/private server for a damm long time, back when then english communauty were ruling Knight-Online, before turks took control. 

TheGreatEvil (OnlyOver) : I got a long long private server past, Euro-PVP/MasteredKO/old MaxKO(new titan)/c-west. I've been playing mage for about 6-8 years, somehow i will probably make mage as my second char, been bored of it, too easy... 

BooMiTsTwisty : Also got a long private server past, MasteredKO/MaxKO/Euro-PVP, He been playing warrior for a damn long time, I could call him in the top warrior I ever met.

Scarlet (HealingWave) : Been a long addict of UsKO, Been in many top clan on usko,Anatolia/C-West server, been also playing in all pk zone as RLB-Ardream-CZ, By far the best priest i've found in a long time, most of the time, So far, the priest that's gonna be added gonna need to be tested by him in PK before playing. For a long time, Scarlet been playing with underpower jewels compare to who he was playing against. Been one of the most trustfull player from all server he ever played.

To join, PM 1 of the team members on Apex, or directly send me a PM on KO4Life.

HighAceZ team

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Heyo there,i might wanna join if i finally play here,since my clan app was denied for false rumours,ill let you know through pm.


First of all, fill up the Application, it's not because you been in good clans that you can just pop-up and join without filling any informations about you.


Alright, feel free to PM me whenever you want. I'm actually investigating about what happened/lies that made you denied into MNI clan and the drama you were involved in.

1 main point about a clan is that nobody does drama/act like a piece of shit, so ppl won't leave because of him.

I'm sure you can understand my point,  anyway, feel free to pm me.



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you can also pm me in-game, if none of them is online, im pretty much online 24/7, and i can send a text msg to scarlet if you really deserve to be in this clan, ill be checking this topic everyday and we will all talk about you guys online.


My past in USKO: started in Ares when ppl were already overgeared, thats where i actually learned how to play, since i had low items and other already had +9. I then moved to c-west on its 1st day as a priest, then played sin and tried out archer and it seemed i was pretty good at it (at least thats what ppl told me).


when i got hacked in usko and lost everything, i decided to move in private servers, and i kinda tried them all until i found this 1.


always used Sebast44 for my chars in private servers.


im used to playing every zone and i can play any class as needed, which actually make me a (kinda) useful player.


hit me up in game if you need something, been helping lots of ppl so far in beta :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Application :
- In-game name : I don't know yet, i like to pick different names xD
- Class : Mage > warrior / Rogue > Priest thats my preferred order. But i can play whatever the clan needs
- Country : USA
- Got skype : I can download  it, i have like every other voice program :P vent ts, curse etc
- Got mic : yes, and a headset so no echos
- How long have you been playing KO : since olympia came out
- Activity : From x to x hours a day probably about 4-5 hours give or take

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