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5 mage tips to not be bad


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Remember my last thread? http://forum.apexko.com/topic/3401-5-archer-tips-to-not-be-bad/


It's time to release 5 secret, amazing, revolutionary tips to not be bad at mage.


(Just kidding, it's rather basic stuff but it's impressive how many people don't know this).



1. If you're gonna try to TP someone to safety, make sure there aren't enemies around you.


Doing so would be what we call "np delivery" around here.



2. At BDW, as a light mage, it is your duty to blink in and call party on top of your flag carrier / the enemy flag carrier.


Reroll to warrior / uninstall if you are unable to comprehend this basic concept.



3. At Juraid, as a light mage, it is your duty to double-blink and call party ahead of everyone. If you have 2x light mages, you can double-blink, teleport the other mage, and then he can double-blink and call party!


You save up to 12-35 seconds of time. Stop being worthless PLEASE.



4. Always give LR to priests, you can also give to warriors (optional).


Why am I the only one who does this? It helps immensely.



5. If you have less than 6000 HP with 2k HP scroll, it is time to find a new build.


You are not helping. Not in cz, not in bdw. You need to be tankier and have a shield (CS, aegis, adamant, DS).



Someone translate this to turkish / chinese please.

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Cute guide.

Every still hates every event with you though.

You simply find a way to complain about anyone or any class. If things aren't going your way.

If you don't win an event. You immediately start finding someone to blame and pm them after events until they block you.

Good tips though

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It's definitely not just me.

A handful of people are tired of your endless comments blaming anyone except yourself for an event loss

I'm not saying I'm perfect. If you think I'm doing something wrong then call me out for it, no hard feelings.


At most I might miss 1 or 2 TP's (which lead to a party member's death), but I always try to use the skills that matter at the right time (which is when altar is up / being delivered).




Its a guide not hate speech. I need a Warrior guide how not to be useless

I can make you one right now.


1. If you're low on hp, descent to a far-away party member after you're done tunnel-vision spamming cryecho.


2. Spam cry echo


3. Spam cry echo


4. Spam cry echo


5. Check your buff bar to see if Battle cry is up. You don't want to be one of those retarded warriors that just R attack not noticing its not up.



If you play attack warrior then only consider #1 and replace "cry echo" for "hell blade" :lol:

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