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Looking for clan - Orc side


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Well after kinda a long break since relaunch,i decided do come back :) 

Unfortunely some of old crew left and right now its kinda hard do catch up other people... 

I have used do play with SPANKME and him old crew,and atm i dont see too many old crew people,only a few wich are too brave and are full geared ... And dont want do help a old nigga :P 

Soo if there its any clans that would help me farming/pking etc ... reply here on send me a PM :)


I am a warrior and atm i dont have just starter stuffs +8 armors/+1 - +2 acces  and etc ... 

Untill now id did just a little pk and dont have just almost 2500 nps :P 

I know its kinda late do start over,but there its always a hope :P 

I can use TS,ventrilo,discord or what other way do comunicate betwen us .. 

My GmT its +2

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