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Ronnen's suggestions


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I know that the main intention of ApexKO is to stay truly to Usko or Official Knight Online but you have to be aware that official not only sucked because of the lack of support and security, it also sucked because its lack of content and for giving unfair advantage to pay2win players instead of helping newcomers and free2play players. These suggestions are based on the experience of playing Usko for almost 9 years.



We all love PUS items. They were made to make things easier and to let players play in a more competitive way. The high-end objective of Knight Online is to PK. We farm, upgrade and EXP just to become competitive enough to defeat the enemy nation, earn national points and put our name and guild up in the charts. That’s the whole objective of this game whether you share this vision or not. PUS items help in this task.


Every private server has a NPC that gives PUS scrolls, master scrolls and other sort of skill scrolls for in-game coins. This helps players that have no access to international credit cards to be able to buy scrolls to pk/farm. I think this is necessary since your objective is to crowd PK zones and scroll is the way the go. Yes, we have buffers for buffs, rogues for SW and wolf, but in the end, we all know that pk with scrolls it’s the competitive way to do it. Knight Online is a game that is more than 10 years old and we’re not anymore in our 20’s to play hardcore mode and yes, many of us turn into casual players since we have jobs, families and stuff to take care of but we still want to play in our free time, so a NPC that can offer an option for in-game coins is always welcomed.

To make it fair, you can charge good in-game coin for 2k, 350ac scrolls giving the chance to other people to re-sell their PUS scrolls for cheaper than NPC. You can arrange these prices according to the future market. Remember that PUS items pretty much shape the market for the whole game.



Knight Online would be nothing without the anvil. I always thought that Charon’s prices were crazy and BUS should be something that you should farm on your own in your spare time and every mob should give the chance of dropping them. Knight Online is about farming stuff to upgrade and gear up to PK, that’s the basic mind-set everybody should have. People end up buying gear/chars because of their lack of time, laziness, skill, whatever, so to avoid this you have to give the chance to everybody to be able to stack on scrolls and try their luck at anvil. Trust me, there’s nothing more rewarding than making your own gear but Usko gave us a hard time with this because BUS were difficult to get and we all ended up buying BUS from k0xpers because they were able to farm 24/7 while we couldn’t. Also their prices were low cheaper than Charon.


Give us the chance to farm bus everywhere. There are so many unused mobs in this game or that they are only used once, people should be able to farm wherever they want and be able to get scrolls to upgrade all kinds of items’ classes. It would be nice to farm low, middle and high class scrolls. No one is going to become rich because of this; it’s just giving a fair chance for everybody.



If you read the drop list it’s pretty much the same one as USKO and it’s the same one as probably the 80% of private servers around. You want iron bow? Go stone golem. The difference is the drop rate %. Let’s say I want to play int priest, so I make a BP first and I’m gonna farm chitins. As an old player I know the amount of pieces I need to make at least a fair +7 set. In Usko that would be weeks of farming. In a private server those times are shorter because you need to hold players of becoming frustrated. Most private servers raised their drop rate % to something more logical taking into account population and anvil upgrade rate but what they forgot is to actually use in-game mobs to force people to farm, explore and feel rewarded for it. We all can make a 6-8 men party to farm 6 hours Dark Mares but what about the other 200 mobs in game? I always thought this was ridiculous; why not use the mobs in game?


Why not give a chance to get a decent item in a lower rate but still so you can pick a different mob and feel rewarded?  

Does someone remember doom knights in Usko? The most useless mob ever. We had to kill them because it was a part of a “kill 250” quest but no one farmed there. They never dropped anything worth. Well, that’s the feeling I get with 80% of the mobs in the game. Seriously, no one farm for mp pots anymore, no one has the time. Again, KO is an ancient game that is being played by old casual players. I think that a whole new concept regarding farming should be included and has to be tested. Honestly, everytime I get in a beta or private server the first 2 weeks I test mobs to see if the admins did something different, but nope. They never touch drop tables. It’s all kinda predictable and boring.


My suggestion is, bring some fun to farming changing a little bit the drop tables.




We’ve been testing the EXP rate on ApexKO and so far I’m convinced that it takes work but isn’t necessarily painful like Usko. We don’t have time anymore to grind hardcore. Some people might, but not everybody so this tiny change on the XP table is welcomed. Now, I always skipped quests because most of them where “go kill X thing get reward – 2m exp” while to level up required 205m EXP. It was hilarious. Why should I bother right? Quests should be rewarding. I've noticed that most of your quests are quite the same as USKO and some of them feel no rewarding at all. Why would I bother when I can just genie my ass off in some sweet spot?


Again, pay2win wins. I want to be engaged. I remember discussing this with Calimaestro back in time and I said to him that killing 250 mobs in Eslant wasn’t fun or rewarding and he said something like “but while you kill you get EXP too” yeah, but I wasn’t not engaged by it, it was like a chore for probably 2% of my EXP bar, the rest was pure hardcore grinding with no fun at all. The game wasn’t fun, the convos between players was fun but not the game itself. We were all doing chores for little EXP. I hope that you guys think about how to make the quest chain more interesting, rewarding or engaging to players. I know we’re a tough crowd and hard to please, but in the end, for all the ones who’ve been playing this for a long while, seeing new things, new quests, new stuff is refreshing and keep us here.


Some of my clannies who are not in BETA right now said to me “why should be bother to play in a server that is exactly like USKO?” “why should I make all these boring quests again?” “why should I play the same game with the same content again?” “I thought this was something new and fresh regarding content” etc. Well, I want to prove them wrong and that there’s room for improvement in KO, that KO can be special again just like the first time we played it.


Final words


I don’t want to say “make easier KO for casual players” I just wanted to say that this server in particular was eagerly expected by many (me included) and I am convinced that I can feel amazed again, not by stupid custom content that nobody wants like insane stupid items or shit like that, just few tweaks that make the game more friendly or rewarding for people spending time and money here, that’s all. New content is always welcome but only if its fair for everybody. For instance, adding new boss for the sake of adding new boss? No! Make a background story, make it engaging for players! Anyway, I’m off.


Twostars, Aesteris, you have my full support on this project, thanks to put so much effort on this. 

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1 thing i have seen so far too, is that most mobs will drop rare items, so you cannot upgrade then, talking here about full plates, weapons and that kind of stuff. it would be nice if full plates were something valuable here, ardream and ronark wise.


when i manage to get some full plate i can tell that at least 80% of the time it will drop the rare item that nobody uses.

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PUS is important for economy, as you say. Players should be able to sell scrolls for coins, that makes it available to all players for coins. There is also an "apex point" item that can be used as a kind of currency. No need to put an NPC up.




Ahhh, yeah scrolls drop at a very high rate from lots of mobs! I don't see the problem with this.




So it takes a few weeks to get some gear... that's good. Fuck instant gratification. Yer not supposed to get +9/3 overnight. The server is not supposed to reach end game in one month. USKO took ten years to get where it is now, why  should ApexKo take ten days?



New quest chains

There was a poll on exp reward for quest exp a while back. The reward for quests is dramatically increased compared to USKO. Shit mang I played USKO five years ago, highest I got was 72, because I couldn't be bothered grinding. Where the exp table is at now is a whole different story.


Basically the admins have their work cut out for them already. What Knight Online is already seems to be giving them enough problems bug wise... that is even after creating their own coding from scratch! It seems to be if you "don't feel engaged" by KO because it's a ten year old game and needs to be updated/tweaked... umm, go play a fresh game that came out recently and had that? This isn't a remake of Ko, or an expansion of KO. We all like KO and have ideas about how it can be improved... but I don't think that's what this project is... but I only speak for myself and these are my thoughts.

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Yeah but you sound whingy and ungrateful.


That's biased. I am actually very grateful and happy about this server, again ,you failed to understand what I'm a trying to say. I am just giving suggestions and supporting them with statements based on my KO experience. Perhaps yours was different. It's all about respecting other's opinions. I could quote you and say why you're wrong with your responses but I wont even bother. Like you said, the highest u ever got was 72 on official, so seriously, I wont bother. 

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