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Red Potion in PUS


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this is realy awful idea.if they added that pots to PUS,they had to add Undy SCs too.Otherwise, mage teams will surely leave from this server and pk takes very short time. 3-4 assassins already fuck up whole mage party without red pots and all other mage teams have left cos of melees' aoe/power.


Close this topic.

Thank you for your interests bb

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it's not only about the warriors , you are talking as if there is only warrior class in ko .. we do have sins too imagine CP sorry but really dumb comment

Rogues' sustain is reliant on a stable source of healing. The higher the damage taken, the harder to survive. When you factor in how your most devastating burst combo is reliant on RNG (and has a cooldown of 50 seconds), you'll begin to realize how much more warriors benefit from this suggestion. They already spam your spike damage, bro.


Not to mention, mages are already in life support, and red potion does nothing for them. Not even blue potion could help them not get 2 shot by every single class in the game.


Sorry but really dumb suggestion.

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