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When do you plan on lowering the damage of the Mage ?


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Server beginners 1 hour more hits than Mage, because he doesn't even play warrior.1 bunch already on the server to reduce damage at this rate, my team will leave the game with.Here is almost more damage than warrior hitting mage Server ?

I'd appreciate it if you care about this topic, or the things that we're so bored we're leaving now.

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I didn't understand alot of what you just wrote.

But i think the damage is fine, because (mp) mage is already dead in 2-3hits, so why should the damage be even lower? To give it none chance at all?

And an 'assist' mage deals no more than 300 damage....


For me the damage is just fine.

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mage dmg its fine .. even stun rates now its pretty nice.. i just have something to ask about ice 80 skill ?? its possible to reduce it to 60 or 70 % sometimes its kinda stupid u have to fight for example on bdw against 2 ice mages...

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