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yokbrainkanka aka Bergundy test


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Bergundy now playing usko in manes new server. Bergundy friend sometimes online 0 game information and nice skill bar



yav he he ondan bisey bildigin yok her yerde bos konusuyosun adam 7/24 kings tssinde online oyun oynuyor gelmiş arkadası giriyomus oyuna girmiyomusmus no brainoc

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It was made in windows movie maker so what you want  ? ?????


what i do want ?  You dont know anything about video edit so stop blame movie maker  look its also made by movie maker 



you could try something good about your quality on movie maker instead of edit your screen cover lol 


P.S go on try to prove your foolish and enjoy it like these such  stupid videos , you are still retarded not anything else and stop barking after my comment pls 


i used "the best quality for you computer (recommendet)" so shut up

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Nice contradiction both video yours right ? Why i see 2 different qualities you brainless ? But rly it doesnt matter just tell me are you afraid of smth ? Cos you were cry ing about other users macro ,  so  is there something hidden on your video ? You were  full spamming to ppl about macro and now you are trying hide your macro lol i pity you poor kid

P.S i wasnt on LostLegends i didnt vs with you also i already witnessed so much time you got rekt by someone on 1vs1 you know very well dont lie to people on forum


The video with vs u was not edited lmao

Actualy only chris won 1vs1 on warrior with me so yeah i can talk

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