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KINGS Clan Pk Movie Vol1 .


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The video its bored af:/

Theres 0 challenge at all ..

ur skills as priest ofc 0 and 0 no challenge not tanking not supporting it seems like u just talk commanding on ts using ur skills no sense:/ remind me alot bloodline priest 0 sense at all ..

I just can imagine how much u can tank if u play bp 255 int like me xD smthing like ac w r spike u dead lmao

No words to say how suck ur game can be and u are even making videos thats the most funny part ..

Miss the older good pk videos by sacreddavid..

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Guys make sure to not sound overly harsh in your criticism, else the autistic child over there will say that you're crying lol.


I've said this before - I don't mind noobs or unskilled people, as long as they don't talk smack or are overly pretentious. There's nothing more upsetting than seeing a terrible player talking trash.

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