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Guide to EWENT


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happy to help here iam pro bdw jr player always win neverl ose


we start with bwd guide:




-++++++++ acacac and go fast

-fll atack pri NOOBS

-ignore monu lol you get slow walk debuff perma only way to fix is die or relog

-debuf tormento subsidie so that enemy do less dmg to your 10% hp prty members IM NOT HEAL I DEBUF AQ

-enemy kill monu?? np now 8vs7 go pkpkpk kill pri NOOBS

-come with archery they op imba in bwd

-if you human have outlaws clan in party gg easy win (each outlaw member +23.3% chance of win)


ok now u pro bwd player time for jr guide




-always use hp booster FUCK

-lure mob for fast killer

-if you human have outlaws clan in party gg easy win (each outlaw +15% win but is lower than bwd cuz they good to klil orc not npc)

-no need repot there pot npc insidie jr

-use parasit even tho it doesnt work in apex lol

-never use berzerk aoe becuz all mob agro and u die

-if u mage always use esc but first loot all doom soldier

-rush bone dragon 4x they have low hp

-you have 8 party member so split and 2 attak each boss fast clear

-never use call party (noob) especially not after duble blink (you need be FIRE mage noob)

-u can go wc for 1-2-3-4-5 min it only game

-go deva if enemy present pk time


you pro jr now BONUS


3. -BONUS--- FT guid



-find corner in map and sit

-map is circle so is hard to find corner, improvise



PRO ft BUT ft suxx only low blue chesta



ty for guide pls like and suscierbe

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This instantkarma is racist against Turks.I hope he has a valid reason.But this kid means instantkarma is not aware that he is in a game and playing with kids.


FT Guide is weak... add this
*alt-f4 in ft after started and log in game on the 27th minute and just watch killing VC.

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You made my day. :)



That is hilarious.


You know that gets me thinking...is the knight online guide for these events written as depicted above represented in turkish knight online forums? Because all the turks do pretty much just that o.0 It is such a commonality amongst them.

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