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A suggestion

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Hello my suggestion is over the priest weapons (leonard, smithe hammer, holy animor, stone splitter, lycaon hammer, lupus hammer & lobo hammer), in others PS the priest weapons only can be use for priest for 1 reason say "priest weapon", think about the jewels u see a warrior using lillimes instead minotaur? no right? is the same rule over the maces that especify a class for the use, the solution is fix that for that other classes cant use this weapons same that garges mace, this solution put this priest weapons in the normal price coz now for buy a mean leonard+8 for example the sellers are abusing over the price coz the want 1k kc or more when the price before are 5 gb and balance the tremendous power of the warrior have using 2 of this weapons

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lol those warriors lose lots of hp for it.There is already disadvantage on warriors if they use leonard or smite hammer.How battle priest use club and sword for attacking hard,then warriors can use their INT based weapons.BP pri lose lot of defence with those weapons and INT Warriors lose lots of hp with it.Both of them hit harder but also easy to kill them...

every item's price about supply and demand.There will be waves on prices of course.Just get used :D

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Is it honestly that broken? 2-3 warriors pk using leonars, and changing this just for your own selfish interest wouldn't decrease the overall price of the item, but I'm sure it would get them to quit the game (seeing how they paid a lot for an item they can't use anymore). Not to mention that officially this is how it works.


Gotta look at the bigger picture sometimes.

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