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More silver bar/bus drop mobs (Only for Beta)


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Since this is beta and we're supposed to try out damages, mobs, etc. we have to level, which so far quite tricky cuz you have to grind to death in case you want to participate from events and not being free nps. That's why people upgrading so much because I guess they want to pwn at least for 2 weeks or so, but anyway, since I want to do it too I go CZ and always have to fight for the spots of blood seekers, I understand that in official is normal to fight for spots for loot, but this is beta and seriously there are like 200 mobs in CZ and there's no point to only add one spawn for 40% drop rate. We seriously need more bus drop rate and silver, we're not using noahs to buy nothing but gear dispenser and scrolls (the ones who don't want to farm). Right now, if you want to do that you may encounter some enemy nation enemies camping in those spots getting easy nps because we're not here to pk, at least not the first week.


Anyway Aesteris, add more mobs, loot, drop rate, whatever to make it easier to upgrade and jump right to action. 

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