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IEdge (Thundercatzzz) Vs Obelix (BadCompany)


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who's iEdge?

New Member to ApexKO community.


hey john i think u dont like ur clannie and making fun of them so hard

To be honest, I had no intention of making fun of him, I was just wanted to upload something since server's were down. Also I

recently discovered bandicam, so there's that too. :D


Na he has just found out about Bandicam.

True that!


Posting nonsensical videos, is this a new trend I'm not aware of?

I had a lot of time on my hands. I don't think it is a new trend.


just let me have your mythril 11 ill use it better than you.

I have already given you my offer via PM. The choice is yours whether or not to purchase it.


I dont even know what to look at.

gg i guess

Ty :D
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You know, I wouldn't mind this negative response because I could always buy it to the guy that deliberately decides to get ripped off by you, but see, like I said before, it will be very hard for you to sell this at all! It's a loss-loss situation for everyone.


Color me surprised if you ever sell this at the price you're asking. Not only is it too high, but it is also worthless as a standalone item.

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