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WorldWide (human)


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Looking for all these people to be a part of the squad again 

Gotti - Leader - Warrior
Reiskahi - Co Lead - Rogue
Azreal - Co Lead - Priest

Kingpin - Mage
ZoorPriestess - Priest
Kyle - Priest
Nark - Priest
SkyGOD - Priest
Zai1010 - Rogue
CherryQueen - Warrior
Nike - Mage
Janekback - rogue
Cyanid - Mage
Impossible - Rogue
Blaze - Rogue
Unr3 - Rogue
Drugs - Rogue
HealMyWhisperName - Priest
xGod - Rogue
Player69 - Warrior
Player999 - Rogue
Fatalbert -
Rampage - Priest 
Marlon_Brando - Warrior
LoOOoSer - Warrior
El Greco - Warrior
Gaara - Rogue
Dogamon - Rogue
RonnieColeman - Warrior/Rogue
SweetyDaddy - Warrior


Oh and possibly my man Blueyyy if he joins when hes back from over seas

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Is that a list of people in the clan or a list of people you want in the clan?

a list of people who were in it before, and im hoping they may be around to rejoin for official if they dont have other plans :D

been a while since I have played KO so don't even know if they are still around

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