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Ideas for new daily / weekly missions


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1. Atross /Riote killer

2. [specific class] killer

3. [specific boss] killer, though that one is hard. maybe weekly.

4. Daily overkill (inflict more than X amount of damage in 1 hit)

5. Successfully cure 10 party members (party cure counts as 1)

6. Daily inflict 5 debuffs on someone. (slows, dot, curse, aoe counts as 1)

7. Daily revenge kill

8. Daily bifrost monu kill

9. Daily 1000 points on ladder board

10. Daily healer (heal more than 30000 hp for party members, aoe 10k heals count as 1)


All the ones that require supporting your party, need to be used properly (needs to be healing lost hp, curing actual debuffs, etc)


Some of these could be tweaked to be weekly, just increasing the threshold needed. 

Will add more if needed.

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