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Merchant bug

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I'm going to try to be as clear as possible describing this issue.

First of all, the game has a limit which behaves so that you cannot sell for more than you can carry (21gb). This stops you from overcapping / losing money by selling 3x rogue shells for 999m each.

Instead it gives you this message informing you that you cannot sell for this much, because then you would have passed the gb cap.


So the issue is like this.


If you sell e.g. Silk bundle for 500m, then you should be able to sell 4 of these. But if you start up putting them up for 500m, then you'd be like "Oh, gosh, that might be a little bit too expensive" and change your mind. You right click the item, just to put it up again, this time for 400m each instead (x4). You cannot do that, because some how the merchant still counts the previous 500m x 4, as if you never removed the items.


Does it make any sense? I sell 2 shells +8 for 999m. I take them down. Now I can only sell stuff for 1gb, because the 20gb (from the shells) is still there. You don't get the 20gbs, but it is stuck in the gb check that prevents you from overcapping your gbs.


Take care!

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