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Monsters never really reset

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Any monster that is damaged and then left to regen doesn't actually ever reset, meaning that if somebody does 60% damage to a boss and then that player gets killed and sent to town, even if the boss regenerates to 100% and finally dies after 5 minutes, hunted by someone else, that person will NOT see a box.


Same goes with EXP. Many times now I've seen that I kill a random monster in EXP that is at full hp, but I don't get the full exp amount because someone else stopped killing that monster halfway minutes or maybe hours ago.


Monsters reset logic is complicated, but from what I understand, if someone stops attacking it for a while and goes somewhat out of range, you lose any damage contributed to it. It gets more complicated when party members are around, because the damage inflicted counts as a collective effort as in, if an 8 man party does the most damage and then 7 people get killed and 1 remains around the boss while enemies finish that boss off, that 1 person will see the box (assuming he avoided doing the bolded part) over all the other players.

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