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Debuffs (and possibly mage spells) cast range issues

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Spell casts require you to sit still for like 2-3 seconds for your debuff / mage spell go through.


These spells have a certain range.


Now, when you do this on a target running away, the cast will complete but since they're slightly out of range, no effect will go through. In USKO, even if they're slightly out of range (say, not-TPed-away-to-safety range), the debuff should STILL go through. I remember even instances where I towned in USKO before an enemy duff completed its cast but I still got the debuff at town (because the cast was 75% through).


The way it is right now, it is impossible to cast debuffs on targets that are running away (targeted debuffs, not aoe ones), because the cast will complete, but no debuff will be applied.


This should be the same for mage spell casts, but it hasn't been tested.

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