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Official PUS prices


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I'm curious what PUS prices is planned for official. You guys don't plan on making premium and stuff insanely high do you? You have to remember, this is still a private server. I really hope prices aren't going to be ridiculous.


Besides, with cheaper prices you'd get more income anyway because more people will be willing to donate.


My clan alone will bring a ton of $ to you guys. Most of my clan are PUS whores lmao. Thats only if you guys don't plan on doing ridiculous prices like USKO.

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We've got a few different packs;


500 Apex Points - $5

1,050 Apex Points - $10

2,125 Apex Points - $20

3,250 Apex Points - $30

5,500 Apex Points - $50

11,500 Apex Points - $100


Hopefully today we'll get the go ahead to start accepting payments for anyone who wishes to pre-purchase the packs :)

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