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Archer combo issue


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I would like to bring a combo bug issue and i know you lot always ask for a proof USKO video so here is one:



This video was taken by me over a year ago after europa merged with USKO servers. As you can see from the video i can do a fast phased minor + w combo.  Ignore the sound on the video i was watching an episode of community when i did shoot this just to show it to a friend.


How is it in apexko?


For one mouse combo has no issues, but w + minor combo somehow bugs the arrows causing it to fail my shots. I know some people will come here and say 'gee of course you cant do it as fast as you do it in myko servers'. Yes I'm aware of that but no matter how fast or slow i do it eventually bugs itself and messes it up. I am unable to provide a video at this moment because i just got my pc back. I guess i can show what i mean if Aesteris shows a bit of interest to the topic. Otherwise this will just go unnoticed i guess.


Also bump arrow shower, multiple shot damages archers are pathetic lol. I can just dance on their grave full naked while tanking them..



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