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Almost as simple as 5 messages/2sec, yeah, noone writes anything important that fast. Mute that guy for a few minutes :)

To be honest now it barely triggers if you dont copy-paste the exact same thing, and it mutes way too long :\

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There's also <enter>

The kind of people <enter>

Who type fairly fast <enter>

And prefer to communicate <enter>

With a bunch of small messages <enter>

Which becomes a problem <enter>

With tighter spam-filter checks <enter>

Not to mention the retarded <enter>

Macro spamming <enter>

Y'all like to do when you kill someone <enter>

you don't like <enter>

in CZ <enter>

lol <enter>


Furthermore, situational awareness for the filter of the all chat (e.g. multiple people spamming completely unrelated messages to drive out other people's chatting, or clutter your chat), or the filter being intelligent enough to determine what constitutes a "selling / buying" message accurately, accounting for botched messages and people trying to circumvent it one way or another, isn't something I even have a clue about how to approach to begin with....

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